Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Let's chop an onion

Today lets learn a quick and easy way to chop an onion.

First, peel off all of the outer, crispy peel.
Your onion should now look like this
Next, cut off a small part of the top
Place the onion on the flat part you just made, and cut it in half, starting at the root end
You are now going to make a series of verical cuts- about 3-4
Make sure that you do NOT cut all the way through the onion
stop just before the root.

Sometimes it is easier to make the cuts with the onion laying down like this

notice how I stop before going through the root

Now, with the onion laying down, make about 5 cuts the other direction. Again, do not go through the root end

This is what your onion should look like now

One more series of cuts and we will be done

Turn the onion a quarter turn and chop, slicing all the way through

Discard the root end

What you have left is a perfectly diced or chopped onion


Aaron and Stephanie Shumway (and family) said...

Hey- now I know! Did you know that onion helps take the pain out of a bee sting? just cut it in half horizontally and score/lightly chop the cut surface making it juicey. then sprinkle on some salt to break down the cell walls and hold it on the bee sting. takes the pain right away!

Sandra said...

Great tip. I never knew that.

I love this way of chopping an onion. I have a fancy food processor and one of those chopper thingies, but rarely use them because getting out and cleaning up takes more time than this simple way of chopping.

Karlene said...

Didn't know that. But Suan gave me a better tip: http://www.kohls.com/kohlsStore/kitchendining/kitchenelectricsnew/foodprocessors/PRD~522680/Food+Network+3Cup+Mini+Food+Processor+and+Chopper.jsp